Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Modus operandi curve Scrvy blood.. Maximum reduction of sugar two hours after breakfast

Alkhtoa T:
1 - Take a blood sample / Paul fasting person and separates serum in case
2 - given the same person the amount of glucose dissolved in water Pmaaadel 1 gm per km of a person's weight (glucose tolerance test of strength)
3 - Take a blood sample / Paul (an hour and two hours after eating glucose)
After sampling required is separated serum in all samples (fasting - an hour later - after hours) and is estimated sugar out at the same time is detected sugar in urine samples, which were taken with blood samples (test Benedict & Vhlnj & strips urine) after completion expense ratios of sugar in the samples we draw the curve to determine the final shape.
Conclude the following:
1 - the highest concentration of sugar in the blood after an hour
2 - the maximum decline of sugar two hours after breakfast
3 - in the curve of patients showing sugar in the urine when it increases the percentage in the blood for 180 mg / dl.
Q: Malmqsod term form (Renal Glucorsunia )?
A: It is the presence of sugar in the urine with the percentage in the blood did not exceed 180 mg / dlThis is mostly the result of a defect in kidney tubes.