Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Blood sugar curve sugar carve.. Picture the blood sugar curve of a natural person. Photo sugar curve for diabetic person

N the highest rate of glucose absorption and transmission of e Li blood an hour after a meal and called (absorption phase), followed by phase insulin secretion and glucose enter in the cell and continue Li full hour after the absorption process any hours of Ntaul meal unprecedented period of fasting.
Image curve of sugar in the blood to someone nature j
1 - blood sugar fasting not more than 120 mg / dl
2 - blood sugar after an hour of not more than 140 mg / dl
3 - dating Li sugar level fasting hours after a meal (breakfast)
Photo sugar curve for diabetic person
1 - fasting glucose more than 120 mg / dl
2 - After hours of mycosis increase sugar 180 mg / dl In the blood (and appears in the urine)
3 - After two hours of the ratio is less than mycosis but slowly due to lack of secretion Insulin
4 - Do not return E. Lee sugar level fasting because the rate of a Nsol j n Walt j excreted less than the required rate which is called (in failure The production of insulin).