Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ring role in reducing blood sugar levels and cholesterol in the blood.. Natural substitute for insulin

Has been said in the ring "if he had known people, including the benefits bought its weight in gold."England also said the world Clipper "if you put all the medicines hangs in the balance and put the ring on the other side tipped the balance . 
In prophetic medicine for the son of values:   
The Prophet peace be upon him, "he returned Saad bin Abi Waqas may Allah be pleased with him in Mecca, said: Invite him a doctor, he called Harith bin Caldp, looked at him, he said: he does not have a good, They gave him of his team, a ring with pass Ajwa wet Atboukhan, Faihsihama, and he did so, Fberi "
Arabs knew the ring since antiquity came in (Dictionary food and Therapeutics plant) that Arab doctors were advised to cook the ring with water to soften the throat, chest and abdomen and relieve cough and indigestion self and asthma, as reported in the intestines and hemorrhoids ...... Also, if cook and wash him curled hair and beautiful 
In modern medicine An analysis of the circuit it is rich in protein and phosphorus and starchy materials which are similar in that cod liver oil, as also contain ethylene choline and knitted Vanillin two Ikarban in Tercibama nicotinic acid is a B vitamins, also contains the seeds of a gummy substance and fixed oils The volatile oil resembles anise oil. 
Domestic uses: 
* Use boiled fenugreek seeds for the treatment of dysuria and menstrual and diarrhea. 
* Using fenugreek seed powder mixed with honey rate teaspoon of fenugreek powder fill with a spoonful of honey three times a day to treat Egrahta stomach and duodenum. 
* Used drink boiled fenugreek seeds to treat chest pain, especially asthma and coughs fill rate teaspoon of seeds where boil for 10 minutes with filling a glass of water and drink once a day. 
* Fenugreek seed powder is used in the form of Powder rate fill a medium spoon before eating an average of three times a day to reduce the blood sugar. 
* Use the ring Kmenhth menstruation, especially among girls at puberty and a medium spoon Sfofa rate twice a day. But are advised to stay away in the case of the start of the pregnancy, where it helps to have an abortion in the first three months of pregnancy. While recommended after birth because of their high health properties in this period. 
* Use the ring appetizing if taking Menkuaha "spoon to eat to fill a cup of water and soak for two hours" and taken before eating directly with the knowledge that this Mixture strengthens the stomach and facilitates digestion. 
* If you take the amount of a cup of herbal teas ring on an empty stomach, it kills intestinal worms of various kinds. 
* If I give the oil ring to suckled 20 points three times a day, the milk doubles and increases the size of the breasts and open up the appetite to eat . 
And use boiled powder circuit, by taking full tablespoon of powdered fenugreek and put it in the cup filling boiling water and leave for 10 minutes then drain and taken from this solution spoon and one large three to four times a day in order to relieve cough infected with tuberculosis . 
* Ring used to treat burns Vidhen burning a mixture of fenugreek seed powder with rose oil to heal burns, God willing . 
* For the treatment of chapped skin and improve skin color using boiled fenugreek seeds Lye infected places twice a day . 
* For the treatment of rheumatism, colds, muscle aches and used fenugreek seeds crushed with cloves garlic paste with a little sesame oil and massage the affected areas . 
* Uses cooked arena where powder is taken by a handful of fenugreek powder and placed in three liters of water and boil for 10 minutes, then cool and sit where women who suffer from uterine pain and swelling . 
Recent studies on the track on the circuit has Acklinkih studies Ail cholesterol and studies have shown a remarkable decline for both blood sugar and cholesterol, as the study on the summary of fenugreek seeds in order to facilitate the birth The results have been very good and positive. Has also been a scientific study on the impact of the ring on your liver cancer in experimental animals and the result was a big drop for liver cancer . 
As for the circuit many benefits, they also have some damage : 
Fenugreek has damaged the fetal brain and it's more dangerous for pregnant women, especially in the late months of pregnancy 
There is a belief that the ring helps in childbirth and this error has caused its gonorrhea in the blood, which threatens your life and the life of the fetus 
Since the ring may interfere with the absorption of iron, they are 
Plants banned on patients with anemia opinion Balch, unlike herbs that contain tannin acid, gel containing Ola vegetarian 
Interferes with the absorption of iron, which means that the lemon juice with the ring does not make up its harmful impact on the iron as is the case for other types of herbs. 
This plant also has a potential to change the balance in multiple forms of thyroid hormones, so it is prohibited to use the ring on taking any thyroid hormones. 
Also, the use of more than 100 grams of fenugreek seeds daily can cause intestinal disorder with nausea, has proven to be 
Fenugreek Extract increase the contraction of the uterus in animals and, therefore, a pregnant woman should refrain from larger doses of crime commonly used in cooking purposes. 
Can cause the circuit odor in urine diagnosed sometimes E for error E as one genetic disease known as diabetes Alqubaqbi, the event Zlkn must refrain from continuing to address plant treatment, and should refrain from using it in cooking purposes for a period of two to three days before undergoing for diagnosis.