Sunday, December 20, 2015

Cinnamon "scholars" Cinnamomum zeilanicum Nees.. Assistant body to deal with the sugars more effectively

Scientists say substance extracted from cinnamon may prevent diabetes, which affects adults Valqrfah commonly used in cooking may help the body to deal with the sugars more efficiently has urged a scientists who conducted research last people to make greater use of cinnamon to reap the greatest benefit of this article.
The diabetes that appears in old age, and call it style 2, more prevalent than diabetes that appears when young, which depends on the hormone insulin. This disease affects millions of people all over the world, and leads to many premature deaths disease is caused by failure of the body's cells to respond to insulin responsible for the representation of sugars, which leads to increased blood sugar.
Increased blood sugar to many symptoms كالشعور fatigue and weight loss, and lead to increased risk of heart disease and stroke. The people with the disease have to make major adjustments in their diets and exercise to maintain their health.
Reactivate cells:
But laboratories nutrition scientists of the U.S. Agricultural Research Foundation in the U.S. state of Maryland found that the substance extracted from the plant cinnamon can reactivate cells that have stopped responding to the hormone insulin so make them more responsive to the hormone in question. 
Researchers have found that cinnamon increases the proportion of sugar processing 20 times. Article responsible for it are called LVMH CB, which proved experiments conducted on mice to be effective in reducing the percentage of sugar in the blood. 
The head of the research team, Richard Anderson The clinical trials for this article would begin within one year, but Anderson said he advised people to use a lot of cinnamon in their diet.
He advised diabetics eat a quarter spoon cup to a full cup of cinnamon per day. 
But Authority spokeswoman diabetes charity in Britain warned, and said it is too early to directing such advice. The spokeswoman said that while it welcomes the all the research being done on this subject, it is better to wait. 
Noteworthy that other researchers have discovered other benefits of cinnamon, where known to be effective in treating food poisoning caused by E. coli bacteria infection _ (gate).