Sunday, December 20, 2015

Stroke or stroke.. Neurological damage occurs when the blood flow stops and nutrition in the region of the brain as a result of a stroke or blood clot

Is neurological damage occurs when the flow stops Blood And nutrition in the region of the Brain ResultClot or thrombus Bloody. And the same name is also called the sudden loss syndrome in jobs Neurological disorder result in cerebral blood flow is often in Arteries Brain and sometimes it is in the Veins of the brain .
Part of the brain that occurs circulatory disorder and a lack of blood supply thus suffers from a lack ofOxygen Contained with the blood, leading to damage and death of nerve cells in this part, affecting the function of this part of the brain. Considered stroke State of emergency Requiring medical intervention and immediate transfer to the hospital where they can lead to permanent damage or death in the absence of rapid diagnosis and prompt treatment.
They get injured for part of the Brain Man As a result stopped pumping Blood To Part which leads to loss of function that was performed.
Stroke occurs when some people through the emergence of symptoms of headache Severe and other symptoms of stroke. 
After a stroke, symptoms vary and increase during the first two days. These The condition is called apoplexy sophisticated. 
If there had been no symptoms or other damages associated after a stroke, Ended called apoplexy (ie is accompanied by other symptoms ). 
There are no signs or symptoms before the onset of stroke (warning signs) when Most people. 
Mark may appear before a stroke occurs, a few vessels in the brain And result in a temporary feeling of weakness and numbness. As a result of weakness In the process of temporary supply the brain with blood. 
You may also receive some vision problems, speech, and overall balance. These symptoms remain for two minutes only and do not affect permanently., But may occur More than once and lead to persistent problems.