Sunday, December 20, 2015

Enlarged heart.. Inability of the heart to work efficiently in the case of falling heart muscle or meet him great reluctance to pump blood through the blood

Is a medical term to denote the large size of the heart. 
If the heart can not work efficiently in the case of the heart muscle or drop if met with great reluctance to pump blood through the vessels.
As in the case of high blood pressure, the body tries to increase the strength of the heart by increasing its size. 
Cardiac hypertrophy is a hallmark in several different heart diseases.
Increasing the volume and mass of the heart muscle increases its fuel and oxygen Through the coronary arteries,
but because cardiac hypertrophy to Atsahbh increase steadily And appropriate nutrition coronary session less than the amount of blood needs muscle Bloated
This results in chronic insufficiency in coronary session, which leads to an imbalance in Electrical activity and contraction of the heart muscle. Becomes patients with hypertrophic Heart is more susceptible than others the occurrence of heart attacks and cardiac arrhythmias And the occurrence of sudden death. If the heart muscle as a result of inflation increased significantly in Fibrous tissue at the expense of muscle tissue losing muscle flexibility and ability to Extroversion easily and myocardial hypertrophy is one of the main reasons for the failure of functions Heart Extraversion any ability of the heart to relax and fullness occurs a special kind of Diastolic heart failure, where a patient complains of symptoms of congestion of the lungs, such as difficulty Breathing (approaches) when you do the normal effort and feeling tired and speed Advanced cases Tanguen veins body Vidkhm liver and swollen feet and legs.