Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Unconscious defensive tricks.. Reduce stress and reach the goal by defensive tricks frequently even unconscious behavior becomes a habit

goal tricks emotional defense is: reduce stress, and that the goal is not reached double in capacity or potential. But may find normal in that effort that it takes to reduce tension rather than tolerate, or they fear an increase in tension, they can or put it to reach the goal that eliminates tension, or WANT Troubles and pains that accompany voluntary solution, Valjon tricks unconscious defense, which aims to reduce tension and to reach the goal .. He spoke defensive tricks frequently even unconscious behavior becomes a habit, but if increased recourse to become tricks defensive satisfactory, and turn the individual to use to avoid the pain no matter how small. And thus become defensive tricks satisfactory hinder normal compatibility, after it had been designed to reduce stress and compatibility.
It should be noted that the previous five defensive tricks may become unconscious, Vazahh obstacle, and changing the way, change the target, and delay, and conciliation and compensation, may occur all without recognizing the reality of the objective to be reached ... In the sense that the boundary between emotional defensive tricks and gimmicks defensive unconscious but her perception of the individual, and their goal significance or not.