Sunday, December 20, 2015

Cellular immunity Cellular immunity.. Lymph cell proliferation nature immune dedicated to attacking UFOs

In the case of objects sized Great relatively, which can not penetrate the tissue and transit on the inside of the body, as in the case of organ transplants or change natural fabric of the body, in this case is the immune system of these members curious about, and be recognized by special cells of group llimvusaat (T. ), which between the tissues, and once interviewed for these objects, Identify them, and carry what is known as a factor to identify breeding sites allocated to them in the lymph nodes and spleen; which divide, multiply the cells to lymph nature immune dedicated to attacking objects, which identified them as going in the session blood in large numbers to the place where I met a UFO for attacking an updated severe inflammation, and this is done by the lymphocytes (T) is cooperating with macrophages (macrophages).