Sunday, December 20, 2015

Clinical manifestations of rheumatoid arthritis.. Myalgia skeleton. Pain and impaired function of the joint. Detailed Disorder and lack of stability and steadfastness

The progress and development of RA Variable and metastable dramatically. Although it mainly articular disease but it may affect the functions of several members. Disease characterized by upheaval and Calm. The early symptoms of the disease are not intended (general) include: fatigue - exhaustion - muscular skeleton widespread pain - stiff but offer the clearest and most important is the pain and impaired function of the joint. The Foreign joints of the hand and foot are the first affected by the particularly near metatarsophalangeal joint of the hand and foot note that detailed term not usually get, but generally, any movable joint is susceptible.
The overgrowth of synovial fluid infiltration leads to swelling (swelling) and the affected joint is warm and soft as the affected joint can not be extended Or bent completely because of inflammation of the synovial membrane and that the erosive effect leads to detailed Disorder and lack of stability and firmness. And when the defect is in a major joints weight-bearing, this leads to serious deficit usually feel sick lengthy Induration in the morning develops during the day and down at night. The articulated overseas symptoms for RA Appear in approximately 75% of patients who have signs of the disease and be accompanied by a warning of bad also that there are several factors that appeared to have some effect in bad warning.