Sunday, December 20, 2015

Clinical manifestations of roughness joints.. Pain. Rigidity or stiffness. Limited level of movement. Redness and inflammation. Arthritis in the jaw, shoulder, arm, wrist and ankle

This can be the case deceptive, where they do not cause any feeling tired. Does not happen hotter or weight loss. In some cases, does not make any noticeable change in the joints, so in most cases, the patient does not feel the situation. 
But symptoms that can predict the existence of this case include: 
- Pain: 
A pain, of course, is the first symptoms that occur. Patient feels pain when you use this particular juncture in the case of the significant use of detailed or in the case of non-use for a long time.
Subsidence can occur temporarily in pain in the absence of detailed use of the period. 
- Rigidity or stiffness: 
The patient feels the situation of joint stiffness in the morning when he stands, and after a minute or two starts in the subsiding. 
Rarely the case of the inability to move or move this joint completely because of the roughness of the joints. Sometimes be a source of pain is not clear, for example, can be rough joints in the hip but the pain appears in the heel. 
- A limited level of movement: 
The patient feels difficulty in moving joints 
Example: while the tray is open, or peeling fruit or sewing buttons. 
- Inflammation: 
Redness and inflammation occurs more in cases of rheumatism, but may also occur cases of inflammation of the case roughness joints. 
And in the case of the use of the affected joint significantly. The redness and heat are detailed symptoms of the onset of the disease. 
Where shows arthritis?
Shows arthritis in the jaw, shoulder, arm, wrist, ankle and that if there had been no injuries or unusual conditions in these joints.