Sunday, December 20, 2015

Pathogenicity in roughness joints.. Link to increase the production of nitrogen oxide, up cellular necrosis and chondrocytes typical morphological

Increase understanding of the role of leptin In both obesity and inflammatory reactions. Harsh DumondAnd his colleagues content leptin In synovial fluid samples and cartilage for patients with articular degeneration also measured its effect after injection into the articular cartilage of rats. Observed the presence of leptin in the synovial fluid of patients with degenerative arthritis and its association with body mass Sanctuary Zone. As noted high levels in cartilage and beaks, but it was a bit of chondrocytes isolated from normal cartilage. Increased amount of leptin cartilage in joints hardest hit, with a link to increase with increasing both growth factors IGF-1 And TGF beta-1 . Animal studies demonstrated that leptin corrosive effect on chondrocytes and synthesis of IGF-1 And TGF beta-1 ,
Which increased in each of the levels of mRNA And protein. This study suggests that leptin may be a systematic review of the cartilage function, which requires other surveys. 
Proved Otero And his colleagues that leptin is important to enhance the effects of nitrogen oxide NO .Have shown these studies Assistant influence of leptin to increase the production of nitrogen oxide, which is associated with an increased cellular necrosis and chondrocytes typical formalities, while causing IL-1 production metalloproteinase And more than other inflammatory reactions in detailed Sick. All this with the other reviews led to believe that leptin may be adjusted to whatever waterfall-related accidents progressive degenerative arthritis.