Friday, December 18, 2015

Food in our lives.. Foods and drinks covered by rights Fathfez life and help build the body and muscle growth

There is no doubt that food plays an important role in our lives, but more importantly to know what we eat to be our balanced diet, so the information contained on this bulletin board special food in terms of the elements that make up its role in the different stages of life .. What caused by eating more or less of these elements needs limits. And also the amount of containment diverse food for these elements.
In addition, there are some guidelines about the effect of preparation and cooking processes on the effectiveness of food, and when we want to understand something, we ask the following questions: what, why, and how??? It questions always Nterha.
We have adopted in our approach to achieve two goals, depth and simplicity of language, although difficult to reconcile them, to be easy-to-understand material far from the complex.
We hear a lot feeding hesitate words to us Do you ever think about what you mean? It simply foods and beverages that people eat Fathfez his life and help to build his body and the growth of muscles and this word Mini become a science called Dietetics He knows us needs the body from different food items in the stages of life different, and show us what caused malnutrition or lack thereof of symptoms.