Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Health Tips for using a mobile phone.. High radiation at twice the network. Mobile away from sensitive areas of the body

1. Avoid contact term because it increases the rate of radiation exposure. 
2. Avoid contact if the network is weak, which increases the proportion of mobile radiation, where he works full capacity. 
3. Avoid long connections in the car when traveling because mobile bringing the facts to try to find a neighboring network. 
4. Tried to speak the mobile By Microphone rather than put On the ear.5. Place in the ear headphones only when you connect. 
6. Do not stick ear to mobile radiation away.
7. Do not carry mobile in sensitive areas of the body. 
8. Mobile do not put in place close to you while you sleep, and make it a 2 to 3 meters For your bed. 
9. If you are in a place where there are regular phone line do not use the mobile phone.