Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hepatitis Viral Hepatitis.. Inflammatory and laceration cells. Alcohol. Paracetamol. Poisons, pesticides and fungicides

A common disease caused by many viruses attack the liver, causing inflammation and laceration cells.There are reasons other than viruses lead to hepatitis, such as alcohol intake, and some medicines Such as paracetamol, and some toxins, pesticides and fungi.
** Virus: a virus is excreted in feces and enters the body of the stool to mouth through food  Or contaminated water.
** Virus: more viruses cause in causing liver cancer. It is present in all body fluids and secretions "blood, saliva, tears, urine, semen." And can be transmitted blood transfusion and blood products from mouth to mouth and sexual بالمخالطة and use of contaminated syringes, tattoos and ear piercing, acupuncture, and dental treatment, and when addicts can also be transmitted from a pregnant mother to the virus to the baby.
** C virus: one of the most dangerous viruses liver, and the number one cause of chronic hepatitis. The infection is mainly the transfer of contaminated blood and blood products, and the use of contaminated syringes when addicts infected organ donation. The fact that a pandemic virus C Infects about 10% of Saudi Arabia And 25% of the population Egypt.  
Virus ** d: This virus does not attack only people who carry the virus.
** Virus IE: much like a virus, where infection transmitted through food and drink contaminated.
** Virus Ji: liver disease associated with acute and chronic, which is transmitted through blood and blood products.