Tuesday, December 15, 2015

High blood pressure.. Incidence of serious complications heart attack or a stroke. Control blood pressure control

The high blood pressure is not a disease just means an increase in blood pressure and change numbers and readings but it is a phenomenon satisfactory perhaps as a result cause or causes many to be behind the rise in blood pressure, and with great regret, the 95% of cases of idiopathic and the rest of the percentage the reunder tens reasons If treated in blood pressure control. The importance given due to high blood pressure even for people who do not suffer from any symptoms is a human being presents risk of serious complications heart attack or a stroke. And so it was our duty we doctors find cases of high blood pressure and the search for causes, if any, treatment and follow-up follow-up minutes to control the control blood pressure and avoid serious complications and the impact on patient Convince him to continue treatment especially have no symptoms or suffer from side effects of treatment.