Friday, December 18, 2015

Medicines that may cause an increase in the weight of a diabetic patient.. Insulin. Stimulant drugs of the pancreas. Drugs for neurological diseases and mental

1 - drugs for the treatment of diabetes: insulin, and stimulant drugs Nbugraas group sulphonylureas like Gliclazer, Gelepennekelamed, Gelypezad, and drugs that help to increase the sensitivity of insulin receptors from Jlettazon group TZDs.
2 - Drugs Special neurological and psychiatric diseases: such as some antidepressants and some anti-schizophrenia mental and lithium, some antiepileptics such as Carpamazaan (Tejratol).
3 - Other drugs: such as birth control pills, cortisone tablets, some antihistamines (antihistamines) and inhibitory drugs alpha receptor   a blockers and beta receptors Beta blockers (Used to treat high blood pressure).