Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Function of the immune.. Against any invasion or microbial invasion. Perspiration or tears that contain deadly microbes

All organisms have - Inside their bodies and formations - Strong lines to defend its existence, and in normal circumstances the usual is not easy living body injury to a person or an animal or a plant infected with satisfactory .. If we dealt with in our conversation defense lines of the human body - Tasks such as optimal for an organism in terms of evolution - we found many and varied and creative in the face of any invasion or invasion AEA, the beginning of the lines natural defense which is in many things such as skin and the inability of microbes to break, or sweat or tears that contain deadly microbes , or mucous substances secreted by the cells lining the respiratory system, which operates a trap and an adhesive for infiltrating microbes to this device,
Or degrees of acidity or alkalinity in the fluid secreted by the lining of the digestive system, as well as chemicals that includes liquid blood that operates as fighting and lethal microbial any enemy sneaking into the body.