Sunday, December 20, 2015

Natural immunity.. Skin. Tears. Mucosa. Stomach. Blood. Vaginal secretions. Urine

The first line, which works to prevent infection for the first control them as they happen, and lead to not feeling any symptoms or mild symptoms.
And everyone natural immunity or ability to resist foreign objects and natural immunity related to human health and type as the living and nutrition and physical abilities.
Protective immune lid and which protects individuals.
The natural immunity work through:
Skin **:
A cover which protects the body from the outside, which contains sweat glands that secrete sweat.
* Tears:
And contain special enzymes, you eye Bafrazha, which works to protect the eye from any foreign body.
** Mucosa:
That lines the nose inside and Alahdab in it. And two Aamln together the book UFOs.
** Stomach:
The stomach Blafraz acidic juices and fluids which works to kill harmful bacteria and microbes that entered through the mouth with food.
Blood **:
We find that the material in physiological immune blood work to eliminate some microbes, germs and poisons the body equation.
** Vaginal secretions:
Acidic vaginal secretions works to protect and prevent gynecologic of any microbes.
* Urine:
Is working acidity which in the urine the on the to get rid of bacteria that exist in the urinary system.