Thursday, June 8, 2023

Good intensive control leads to more decrease in the incidence of diabetes complications

Good control of diabetes reduces the incidence of its complications:

In fact good blood sugar control leads to decrease the incidence of diabetes complications enormous proportions .. And prove complications they are below the complications that lead to eye problems, kidney problems and neurological problems with the parties and vascular problems and heart.
However, there is a very important question is whether good blood sugar control   Intensive compared to the traditional good control leads to more decrease in incidence of complications listed above?.

complications that affect the blood vessels and the heart:

Medical research found that good control  Leads to intensive   Decline more   In the incidence of complications Above   Except   Vascular complications and heart and lead to heart attack and stroke ...Good control Intensive Not much different on the good traditional control in terms of the incidence of this type of complications ... Important Note should we refer to here is that this is for patients with diabetes Type II Was the second type .. Because research on the former has been resolved in favor of   Good intensive control Scientifically and broadcast it more useful for all kinds of complications resulting from diabetes for the first type, including complications that affect the blood vessels and the heart.

blood vessels and the heart:

But did not end the story because most of the doctors as well as researchers in the field of medicine believe that good control   Intensive In type II diabetes leads to decrease the incidence of vascular complications and heart ... Because previous research had close Proof this matter ... This matter was interesting monument two important studies in the field of diabetes, these studies are: 
  • Study (ACCORD) 
  • Advance Study (ADVANCE) 
These two studies are similar because patients who have been studying in these studies are type II diabetics who have   More prone to complications of blood vessels and the heart.

cumulative analysis of blood sugar:

In study (ACCORD) patients were divided into two groups: 
  • First: a group Good intensive control and targeting a cumulative analysis of blood sugar less than 6%. 
  • Second: a group   Good traditional control   And targeting a cumulative analysis of blood sugar ranges from 7% to 7.9%.

safety of patients:

Since a few months ago Announced researchers to study for (ACCORD) big surprise is that the rate of death in the first group (the most control blood sugar) is higher than the death rate in the placebo group. Which led to the suspension of this research before the scheduled deadline and for the safety of patients involved in this search.

increase in death:

Surprised a lot of doctors these results The Question asked after these results is why? ...Why this increase in death? Intended for patients to achieve a cumulative analysis of less than 6%. Were not a clear answer months ago and researchers asked for more time to try to find an explanation for this increase.

Then just a week after the announcement of the results of a study (ACCORD).Been analysis Initial study Advance (ADVANCE) and to make sure that the unexpected results of the study (ACCORD). Initial results were different and counterproductive.Did not show increased mortality in the group with good intensive control of sugar.However, researchers in the ADVANCE study (ADVANCE) also asked for more time to complete the study of the results of this research.

And now, the information available to These studies having been displayed results of these two studies in the renowned medical journal New England Journal (NEJM) in editions of the magazine for the month of June (Year 2008). Any in this month.