Tuesday, June 6, 2023

disadvantage of digital x-ray except.. clarity and resolution

disadvantage of digital x-ray except:

  • a- large disk space Storage.
  • b- clarity and resolution***
  • c- expensive.

What are some disadvantages of digital X-rays?

The main disadvantages of direct digital radiography are the thickness and rigidity of the digital detector, infection control, hardware and software maintenance, and the higher initial cost of the system.

What is the difference between plain and digital X-ray?

Digital X-rays are like the digital cameras we have today. They still use X-rays as the standard X-rays; the only difference is that their sensors are connected to a computer and not a film. This enables the modern X-ray to capture clearer and more accurate images as compared to its predecessor.

What are three advantages of digital X-rays over some X-rays?

Digital x-rays have many advantages over traditional x-rays:

  • Easy Access and Storage. Traditional x-rays require film and processing. ...
  • More Cost Effective. Without the need for film and the chemicals used to process images, there are clear cost savings. ...
  • Higher Quality Images. ...
  • Less Radiation. ...
  • Improved Communication.

What are the disadvantages of X-rays?


  • a small increase in the possibility that a person exposed to X-rays will develop cancer later in life. 
  • tissue effects such as cataracts, skin reddening, and hair loss, which occur at relatively high levels of radiation exposure and are rare for many types of imaging exams.

How is digital imaging different from traditional imaging?

Conventional film is subject to loss through storage and the images may deteriorate with time, and this problem does not exist for digital images. The processing enables the technologist to change the image optical density after image capture and hence avoiding another exposure to the patient.