Friday, January 26, 2024

in the water’s view the patient.. in lat position

in the water’s view the patient:

  • A. facing the tube.
  • B. facing the cassette.
  • C. in lat position.
  • D. Non of the above.

In the Water's view, the patient is C. in a lateral position.

Here's why:
  • Water's view, also known as the parietoacanthial projection, is an X-ray examination used to visualize the maxillary sinuses.
  • To achieve this, the patient needs to be positioned side-lying on the X-ray table. This lateral position allows the X-ray beam to pass through the maxillary sinuses clearly, minimizing overlap from other structures.
Here's an image to illustrate the patient positioning in Water's view:
Therefore, option C is the correct answer.

Here's why the other options are incorrect:

A. Facing the tube:

While the patient's head might be slightly turned towards the X-ray tube for proper alignment, they are not directly facing it.

B. Facing the cassette:

The patient is not facing the cassette (the flat plate that holds the X-ray film) in Water's view. They are positioned side-lying on the table, with the cassette placed underneath them.

D. None of the above:

As explained earlier, option C (lateral position) is the correct answer for the patient's position in Water's view.