Thursday, January 4, 2024

selective and Differential medium of entero pathogen is.. DCA medium

selective and Differential medium of entero pathogen is:

  • A- Chocolate agar
  • B- Blood agar
  • C- DCA medium***
  • D- Meat extract agar
  • E- Non of the above.

I apologize for the repetition in my previous response. Based on the choices you provided, the correct answer is still c. DCA medium (Deoxycholate Citrate Agar).

Here's a summary of why the other options are not suitable for selective and differential isolation of enteropathogens:

A. Chocolate agar:

While it is selective for fastidious organisms, it's not specifically designed for enteropathogens and doesn't offer differentiation.

B. Blood agar:

Primarily used for differentiating hemolytic properties of bacteria, not specifically targeting enteropathogens or offering differentiation based on lactose fermentation or hydrogen sulfide production.

D. Meat extract agar:

Non-selective and not helpful in isolating or differentiating enteropathogens.
E. None of the above: Since c. DCA medium is the correct answer among the options given, this choice is incorrect.

Therefore, DCA medium remains the most appropriate choice for your question regarding a selective and differential medium for enteropathogens.