Sunday, January 7, 2024

use O cell tube on lab for.. As control

use O cell tube on lab for:

  • A- As control.
  • B- To detect Ag.
  • C- To detect Ab.

The correct answer is C- To detect Ab (antibodies).

Here's a more detailed explanation:

- O cell tube:

A test tube containing red blood cells from a group O donor. These cells lack both A and B antigens on their surface.

- Purpose in the lab:

  • Detecting antibodies in patient serum or plasma: When a patient's serum or plasma is mixed with O cells, any antibodies directed against A or B antigens will cause agglutination (clumping) of the O cells. This is because O cells lack A and B antigens, so any antibodies against these antigens will freely bind to them.
  • Ruling out false-positive reactions: In some tests, O cells are used to rule out non-specific agglutination that might be caused by factors other than antibodies.

- Specific uses:

  • Antibody screening and identification: O cells are used in blood bank testing to screen for unexpected antibodies in patient blood that could cause transfusion reactions.
  • ABO blood typing: O cells can be used to confirm ABO blood type in certain cases.
  • Cold agglutinin testing: O cells are used to detect cold agglutinins, which are antibodies that can cause red blood cells to clump together at cold temperatures.

- Not used for:

  • Ag (antigen) detection: O cells themselves do not contain A or B antigens, so they cannot be used to detect these antigens.
  • Control purposes: While O cells can be used to rule out false-positive reactions, they are not typically used as a primary control in laboratory testing.