Friday, January 5, 2024

all these drugs used in ameobic dysentery exept.. gentamycin

All these drugs used in ameobic dysentery exept:
  • A- metronidazole.
  • B- diloxanid.
  • C- gentamycin.
  • D- tetracyclin.

The correct answer is C- gentamycin.

Here's why:

Metronidazole (A):

This is the first-line treatment for amebic dysentery, making it a common choice.
Diloxanid (B): It is another effective medication used for amebic dysentery, particularly for treating intestinal carriage without symptoms.

Gentamycin (C):

This is an antibiotic primarily effective against bacteria, not the protozoa (Entamoeba histolytica) that cause amebic dysentery. While it can be used in severe cases for secondary bacterial infections, it's not typically used as the primary treatment for the parasite itself.

Tetracycline (D):

While tetracycline has some activity against Entamoeba histolytica, it is less effective than metronidazole and other options and carries a higher risk of side effects. Therefore, it's not a preferred choice for treating amebic dysentery.

Therefore, among the given options, only gentamycin is not typically used as a primary treatment for amebic dysentery due to its ineffectiveness against the causative parasite.

Remember, consulting a healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment of amebic dysentery is crucial. They can determine the most appropriate medication based on your specific condition and severity.