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Places outbreaks of food poisoning in the western region of Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) from (1995 - 2001)

Places outbreaks of food poisoning:

Unfortunately, finding specific data on outbreaks of food poisoning in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, from 1995 to 2001 is challenging. Public health data availability and reporting practices in the region can be limited, particularly for historical data. However, I can offer some alternative approaches to help you in your search:

1. Contact Public Health Authorities:

- Saudi Ministry of Health:

The Ministry of Health website might offer general information about foodborne illnesses in Saudi Arabia. You could try contacting them directly through their website or email to inquire about specific outbreaks in Jeddah during the period you mentioned.

- Jeddah Health Department:

The Jeddah Health Department might have more localized data on foodborne illnesses in the city. Try contacting them through their website or phone number to see if they can provide any information about outbreaks from 1995-2001.

2. Research Medical Literature:

- PubMed:

Search PubMed, a database of biomedical literature, using keywords like "food poisoning," "outbreak," "Jeddah," and "Saudi Arabia." You might find research articles or reports that mention outbreaks in your area of interest.

- World Health Organization (WHO):

The WHO website has a section dedicated to foodborne diseases. You can explore their resources and databases to see if they have any information about outbreaks in Saudi Arabia.

3. News Articles and Archives:

- Local Saudi Arabian newspapers and archives:

Search online archives of local newspapers and news websites from Jeddah and Saudi Arabia. You might find news articles reporting on foodborne illness outbreaks during the period you're interested in.

- International news archives:

International news organizations might have reported on major foodborne illness outbreaks in Saudi Arabia. Try searching archives of major news outlets like Reuters or BBC.

4. Additional Resources:

- ProMED:

ProMED is an international society for infectious diseases that monitors and reports on outbreaks worldwide. You can search their database for reports of foodborne illness outbreaks in Saudi Arabia.

- Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO):

The FAO website has information about foodborne diseases and outbreaks globally. You might find general information about the situation in Saudi Arabia.

Remember, due to the potential limitations in data availability, you might not find detailed information about specific outbreaks in Jeddah from 1995-2001. However, by using the resources mentioned above, you can increase your chances of finding relevant information and gaining a better understanding of the situation during that period.