Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Bride armpit - Fox Fordyce disease .. papules glowing color, small, severely pruritic occur mainly on the armpits, breasts, navel, perineum, labia and scrotum

Fox Fordyce disease:
It is a rare disease that occurs mainly in young girls not before puberty nor after menopause.
Clinical manifestations:
Glowing papules, small, severely itchy, mainly occur on the armpits, breasts, navel, perineum and labia and rarely in males on the scrotum. The papules may increase in size and form nodules with an empty surgical center.
Pathological Anatomy:
The anatomical manifestations of disease include:
- Blocking the ducts of the glands at the entrance to the wall of the giraffes.
Inflammatory infiltration.
- Expansion of the glands in the dermis.
- Fig. 367: Fox-Fradis disease
Treatment of the disease is not always successful Estrogens and oral contraceptives can be used, may improve the itching and removal of lesions.
Electrolysis or use Co2 laser to remove chronic lesions.