Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Bubbles of hands and feet (Pompholyx) .. Vesicular eruption in the palms and soles

Is a vesicular rush in the palms and soles. The vesicles are deep and resemble pure barley beads under the skin. The show is full of fluid under the skin especially on the side and around the fingers and pelvic.
A few symptoms may cause mild itching or burning sensation in affected areas and the lesions may be collected. The disease has been discussed in previous chapters as eczema dyspepsia.
- Hyperhidrosis
- Chronic psychological and neurological tensions.
- Contact eczema
- Pharmaceutical Calculator
- Food allergies: Spices, hot peppers or additives in food.
- Fungal and bacterial infections in any place in the body such as allerg or rash "Id"
- Treatment of the cause such as hyperhidrosis or infection
- Potassium permanganate basins 1/8000 Effective for hands and feet
Topical corticosteroids (creams) alone or in combination with Decoderm compound cream.
- Multiple ethnic gland abscesses
- The disease mainly affects young infants. The causative agents are usually macrophages.
Clinical manifestations:
Abscesses that do not appear headless, painless, multi-dome shape mainly affect the scalp, trunk and buttocks, causing swelling of the dome is crispy and may be torn leaving a surface oozing.
- Potassium permanganate compresses.
- Antibacterial topical cream such as Muperacin (Bactroban cream) cream
- What and blow the abscess.