Friday, November 17, 2017

Components of lasers.. Light source. The contents of the vacuum of the laser. Laser Light Guide

Components of lasers:
- Light source:
It pumps the energy of the active material into the laser. Its source of energy is linked to the type of laser. These sources may be electric as in the Argon laser device and the carbon dioxide device or the flash light in the pigmentary device.
- The contents of the vacuum of the laser device:
The laser device contains a tube and a number of mirrors at the ends of the tube where it reverses the laser beam strongly and then increases the intensity of the radiation emitted from the source. The photons passing through the tube are reflected back through the center of the laser. Each time the light is reflected back and forth by special mirrors on both ends of the tube, the number of atoms increases to pump more photons, and the intensity of the laser light increases. At the end of the mirrors there is a small opening that allows a small proportion of the laser light to pass out through a special arm at the end of which the hand tools from which the laser light comes out to fall on the area to be treated.
- Laser Light Guide:
The laser light is not visible and therefore uses a light helium neon light which is weak effect and is intended to guide the laser light to the treatment where the place where the helium neon light falls is the place where the laser light falls upon treatment.