Friday, November 17, 2017

Laser Terminology.. Ability. Power or capability. Power density. Intensity of power. The size of the spot is roughly treated or the laser light is removed from the surface of the skin

Laser terminology:
- Energy: is the ability to do the work, usually calculated on the basis of beating power in the duration of exposure of laser light on the surface of the skin, the unit of measurement is Joule.
- Power or power: is the rate of power flow, calculated on the basis of the division of power at the time of application, the unit of measurement is Watt, one watt is equal to JUL / s.
- Power density: The average capacity of each unit of processed tissue, expressed in watts / cm 2.
Density occurs by dividing the power on the surface of the beam area or spot size. It should be noted that the increase in capacity yields the fabric quickly evaporates and the decrease in spot size will increase the capacity and accelerate the interference of the fabric.
- Fluence: or power intensity: calculated by dividing the capacity of the cross-section of the optical beam, expressed by the round / cm 2 or = the ability X duration of laser exposure on a square area of ​​skin. If the light emitted by the laser and the center on the skin is faster than the tissue adjacent to the treated area, the effect of light on these tissues is minimal and therefore the damage to neighboring tissue is minimal.
- Spot size: The greater the area of ​​the laser treatment area, the better the treatment and the vaporization of the tissue as a result of the laser.
The treated patch area can be controlled by approximating or removing the laser light from the surface of the skin:
If we remove the tube from which the laser light comes out of the surface of the skin, the laser light is distributed over a larger area on the surface of the skin and vice versa. If the light near the surface of the skin, the area where the focus of light is smaller. As the spot gets smaller, the effect of the laser is stronger and stronger. Some effects on neighboring tissues may cause larger spots, causing less impact on areas adjacent to the treated spot.