Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hair colors .. degree form melanin in the matrix fibers. Color melanocytes. Coarsely melanocytes

Hair color depends on the degree of melanin formation in the "Matrix" fibers and the overlapping distances between the fibers.
Melanin pigmentation begins in the matrix fibers of the melanin in the hair follicle, forming cytoplasmic melanocytes.
The black or gray pigment in the hair consists of tyrosine melanin, while the color is blond and red, the pigment is the pheno-alanine.
- Black hair color: In this form, melanocytes contain dense pigment particles.
Brown hair: The color of melanocytes is yellow.
- Light brown hair: consists of a mixture of pigmented particles of black hair and dark pigmented bodies of black hair.
Red hair: Contains iron pigment. Melanin is inserted or deposited completely in the matrix fibers.
- Gray hair: the efficacy of the dye is incomplete.
Melanocytes and melanosomes incomplete.
Absence of tyrosinase efficacy.