Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Structure of hair.. Body of hair. Hair follicle. Root of hair. The hair bulb

Structure of hair
The hair consists of:
- The body of the hair: or the trunk that forms at the lower end, the hair follicle. The hair body originates from keratinocytes. The hair is composed of the outer part of the Sheath, the Cuticle, and the medulla where it starts from the top and ends near the bulb.
- Hair follicle may produce hairy hair in embryonic life and in puberty the hair is finite.
- The root of the hair or "Matrix" is the part inside the hair follicle of the bulb. Outside the root of the hair is the Cuticle, the inner root layer consists of glaciers, two layers of cells, the Huxley layer and the Henele.
The outer layer of the root extends from the skin to the hair follicles, forming near the skin and becoming weak in the lower part. The sebaceous gland arises from them.
The hair follicle is an extensive mass of human cells that give different forms of keratinocytes, the bulb and part of the body that are contained in the hair follicle.