Friday, November 17, 2017

Laser Applications in Dermatology .. Removal of scars. Wrinkles. Hair Transplant. Remove pigmentation, excess hair and varicose veins

Laser Applications in Dermatology:
The use of lasers in skin and cosmetic diseases has developed significantly in the past few years as many of them develop and develop other types of usefulness.
For several years now, the concept of laser has been a device that looks for a condition so it can be used. Nowadays, it is a tool that can not be dispensed by a dermatologist and other specialists such as plastic surgeon and other related branches using such Devices.
Many of the skin diseases that were difficult to treat before the laser age are now within reach of the possibility of treatment by these devices.
Several types of laser, such as Co2 laser, are of great benefit to the dermatologist, and are said to be "legiones who can do the work without any pain."
Different types of lasers are available for all its distinctive uses.
There are types such as CO2 laser which has many uses such as: removing hair scars, hair transplantation wrinkles and many other uses.
There are other types of lasers used to remove pigmentation, remove unwanted hair and eliminate some types of varicose veins. In addition to the many uses in other branches of medicine, especially in the field of surgery.
However, if the disease can be treated with other effective means, it remains the preferred method because of the high cost of laser treatment and some of the problems that may arise from treatment.
Usually, we are faced with several patients who are afraid of laser surgery because they believe that the laser causes cancer, yet we try to convince them that the laser is only light and is used effectively and safely in the branches of medicine, such as in kind, yet some are still unconvinced.
The rule to be agreed is that "if there is no need to use the laser, do not use it."