Friday, November 17, 2017

Laser working methods .. Wave length. Visible light. UV rays and X-ray gamma rays. Light Intensity. Frequency. the speed

There are some notes that may help give a simple idea of ​​how laser machines work:
- Wavelength: The distance between the top of two consecutive waves. Long wavelengths are measured in meters such as long wavelengths for radio and television.
- Visible light has a wavelength of 0.7 0.4 micrometers.
- Ultraviolet rays and gamma rays are types of electromagnetic spectrum and their wavelengths are shorter than visible light waves.
- Light intensity: measured by the height of the optical wave from the zero level.
- Frequency: is the number of light waves passing by a certain point in a second.
- Speed: The speed of light is steady and is 186000 miles per second.
The waves of laser lasers are located between the longer wavelengths and shorter wavelengths of the optical spectrum and are located at the spectrum between the infrared and the visible spectrum.