Friday, November 17, 2017

Patient protection means in the laser operations room .. Moisturizing gauze for lips and eyes. Remove the carbonized tissue by the gauze. Laser surgery in the anal area

Means of protection for the patient:
- Special glasses should be used, and it should be noted that several lasers have different glasses especially for this type of laser and can not protect from other laser beams.
- Patient eye covers: Apply to cover the eyes with moisturizing gauze before applying glasses and use of metal shields placed on the eye directly under the laser glasses.
- Patient's lips: can be protected by moisturizing gauze. When the operation is in the oral cavity, care should be taken to protect teeth and bones using wet gauze or heat-absorbing protective materials.
- Carbonized tissue can be removed by laser treatment with carbon dioxide by the sludge moisturized gauze, as the carbonized areas may rise to a very high temperature, resulting in tissue damage.
Some treated areas may need special precautions such as laser surgery in the anal area. The anus must be closed with moisturizing gauze to prevent flammable gases that may occur if there are excreted gases during treatment. It can cause severe burns to the patient.