Friday, November 17, 2017

Safety conditions of the laser operations room .. Eye protectors. Windows covered with materials of sufficient optical density. Non-flammable materials. Moisturizing the gauze with water to prevent laser flare

operations room:
- "LASER" should be placed on the door of the room to warn non-personnel not to stand in front of the laser area during laser operation.
- Eye protectors (special glasses are recommended, as each type of laser has its own protective glasses and can not be used for all types of lasers) on the door to remind everyone who enters the laser room during the operation to put the protective glasses before entering the laser room.
- Windows: Must be covered with materials with sufficient optical density.
- Tools used should not contain flammable materials such as volatile substances such as: ether, alcohol.
- The water basin should be available.
- The gauze should be hydrated with water to prevent laser flare.