Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Reccurent aphthous stomatitis.. Small, painful, recurrent superficial ulcers surrounded by an erythematous area that affects the mucous mucosa

Reccurent aphthous stomatitis:
The lesions are small, painful, recurrent ulcerations surrounded by an erythematous area that affects the mucous mucosa, which may interfere with feeding and speech. Infections with streptococcus are thought to be the cause of recurrent pharyngitis.
The lesions also appear on the genital areas and are preferred to differentiate it from other diseases in this area such as viral, fungal and Behcet disease.
Pest infestation may be provoked by:
- weak body resistance.
- Psychological and emotional disorders.
- Ground: This is from rough toothbrush and other tools used to clean the mouth and teeth.
- hormonal changes.
- Sensitivity to certain types of food and additives such as tetrazine, drug reaction.
- Infections like herpes may be prone to relapse.
Differential diagnosis:
It is not usually easy to differentiate such cases from other diseases that affect the mucous mucosa:
- Simple herpes infections.
- the "diphtheria".
- mucous spots of anaphylactic disease.
- Vitamin deficiency mainly scurvy and pellagra.
- Bhagat disease.
- The bubble.
- Flat flakes.