Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Skin manifestations of liver diseases .. Jaundice. Hyperpigmentation. Spider veins. Parasitic effusion. Hair. Seismic and oily rush. The lack of testicular androgens. Pierre patches

Skin manifestations of liver disease:
Anatomical pathological changes in the skin and its components in liver diseases are:
1- jaundice in chronic liver disease.
2- hyperpigmentation diffuse in the skin causes hepatic cellular damage.
3- Spherical oocytes, expansion of erythematous erythematosus, lead clenching and vasculitis are common manifestations in children.
4- parasitic infections caused by vitamin K deficiency.
5- Hair: soft in liver diseases.
6- Severe and erythrocyte eruption on the upper body is a common manifestation.
7- deficiency of testicular androgens due to hepatic impairment leading to little hair in adults and gynecomastia.
8- Pierre patches: White areas appear on the lower limbs when cooled.
9- Nails: Changes in the nails with the absence of the Lanula and the nail curvature in cirrhosis.