Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Skin manifestations of renal diseases .. Itching. skin dryness. Dysplasia of androgen. Skin color changes. Lack of activity of sebaceous glands. Secretion of compounds containing nitrogen

Skin manifestations of renal diseases:
Itching is a common manifestation of renal insufficiency. The exact mechanism is unclear and may be related to hyperthyroidism, which leads to the proliferation and development of the cells.
* Dry skin: may relate to several factors are mainly:
- The secretion of nitrogen-containing compounds on the surface of the skin.
- Lack of activity of the sebaceous glands leads to more dryness and also increased itching.
* Androgen imbalance: increases the dryness of the skin, and this also causes the hair of soft scalp, with hair loss of the armpit and pubic after puberty.
Skin color changes are caused by the increased activation of melanocytes (MSH) and occur in chronic kidney failure, as the kidney is the main place of metabolism of this hormone.
Skin color in renal insufficiency ranges from pale to anemia and hyperpigmentation due to increased melanocytes.
Skin manifestations of bad thyroid function.