Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Sunscreens.. UV absorbers. Emulsifiers of benzyl salicylic acid and benzyl sinamate. Biocompatible bicarbonate sulfate and quinine

Sun screens:
Sunscreen is an ultraviolet (UV) absorber containing ingredients such as esters of paraaminophenoic acid, methyl phenyl, benzyl salicylic acid, benzyl cinnamate, di galloyl tri-oleate, 4 isopropyl de benzoyl methane, Camphor and 4 tetrabutyl 4 Methoxy de benzoyl methane.
Sunscreens have been available in the market since 1928 with benzyl salicylic acid and benzyl sinamate, and the other diaphragm sulfate, quinine and quinine.
Sunscreens usually reflect and disperse ultraviolet radiation and thus protect the skin for a limited period depending on the type of condom. The condom must be placed within one hour before starting sun exposure and re-positioned every two hours as long as exposure continues. Children with photosensitivity should therefore be taught to maintain the use of the condom and in their regular way, and to use the toothbrush.
The SPF10 Lip Gloss is available and should be used to protect lips from radiation damage.
Eye protection from ultraviolet radiation using special UVA and UVB sun glasses. Wide-brimmed hat can also be used for little protection.
All skin types of different ages, especially infants and children, need protection from solar UV, with the "I" and "II" type of light and white skin more readily available.
At least 15 "SPF15" sunscreens lead to subsequent protection against sunburn, especially for people with blond skin.
It is very important to reduce sun exposure from 10 am to 4 pm and try to stay in the shade does not give full protection from the sun's effect as the water sand, snow and grass reflect UV rays even if the body is in the shade area.
Umbrella used outside the home and on the beach and personal umbrella can give some protection The most effective protection in all cases are sun blockers and wide spectrum.
Baraminophenoic acid and its derivatives is a popular sunscreen agent. Sunscreens containing paraminophenic acid esters, vinyl, methyl, benzyl salicylates, benzyl sinamate, di galliol tri olyate (sunscreen) used as sunscreens.
It should be noted that some sunscreens may cause hypersensitivity. So it is important to choose a non-sensitive solar condom.