Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Topical medicines for acne .. Erythromycin solution. Clindicine. Benzyl peroxide. Retinoic acid

Topical medications:
- Wash the pests once or twice a day with soap such as: Acne Aid, Neutragena Soap. Some lesions may occur, especially in younger ages and those with sensitive skin. Low-calibrated mild pH (Sebamed or Numis med) can be used.
Erythromycin solution (Eryderm) or clindaicin (Dalacin Lotion) is an antibacterial solution, which is usually effective in pythagorean counting.
Benzyl Peroxide: An effective drug that can be applied to long-term pests and should be treated with caution because of the possibility of scratching.
- Retinoic acid: such as (Retin A) gel or cream and gel (Eudyna). These preparations may be effective in removing acne lesions and they may cause irritation if not used properly.
- We usually start using an evening gel because it has low concentrations (Gel Retine A, E udyna gel) and advises the patient to be exposed to the sun immediately after the application of such compounds. The affected area is simply washed with water and a mild soap before applying the Retine gel A gel.
Retinoic acid is rarely needed in young adults and is retained for older ages for non-responder cases.