Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Treatment of young pills .. Direct exposure to sunlight. Organization of sleep. Gentle washing and light spot lotions

Treatment of young beans:
General Considerations:
- Dealing with pests can be very simple and difficult at the same time.
- Too many pharmaceutical, cosmetic, herbal or commercial preparations sold without prescription are widely available in pharmacies and beauty centers.
- Patients sometimes mingle with them and move from one medicine to another on his own according to the advice of others and recipes from multiple centers in most cases. Such patients spend too much time and money and find that their pests are usually exacerbated and associated with undesirable complications.
- The easiest and safest way is to follow your doctor's instructions.
- Playing and tampering with pests and taking a long time to control the pests in the mirror and try the age of small papules and pimples may lead to a risk effect mixed with scarring.
- Cosmetics, such as powders, creams and others used for camouflage and sun blockers, especially if left for a long time, may lead to occlusion of the sebaceous sinus nozzles leading to more and more complications.
- Wet hot weather should be avoided as much as possible.
- Excessive washing of affected areas may cause harmful effects, especially when using some detergents. Facial washing, peeling, etc. should be done by expert hands, not by hairdressers, hairdressers and people who lack experience.
- Neonatal, young and light forms usually do not require drug treatment and, if necessary, gentle washing and mild spot preparations can be used.
- Regulation of sleep, and other exciting factors should be avoided.
- The diet, if proven to be a promising factor, should be avoided.
- Direct exposure to sunlight for a reasonable period of time may be of good benefit to pests.