Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Treatment of Juvenile acne.. erythromycin. Clindamycin. Benzoyl peroxide or vitamin A is acidic. Inciting the adherents across the placenta

Juvenile acne:
This form of acne mainly affects males and appears on the face during the first three months after birth and may last up to five years.
the reasons:
1 Encourage the adherents across the placenta.
2 Drugs.
3 Male tumor or hyperconduction of adrenal occlusion (genital adrenal syndrome).
Figure 373: Youth count
- Erythromycin teaspoon 125 mg or half teaspoon 3 times daily and doses determined by weight and age.
- Topical preparations: Eryderm - or Clindamycin lotion (Dalacin T lotion -Pufexama -Parfenac) or (Flogocid cream, Droxaryl cream) cream may produce good results, especially when there is ointment and irritation in the lesions due to previous treatment.
Benzoyl peroxide or vitamin A is useful.
These preparations are best used for adults as they may cause irritation in some cases, especially when applied to large areas.