Friday, March 31, 2023

What are the things that must be taken into account to create the conditions for success for your child in the future?

How to make your child successful in life:

Things you must apply to create the conditions for success for your child in the future:

Be gentle, loving, and accepting of your child with his advantages and potential, and provide him with the necessary care:

In a study conducted by Harvard University in 1938 of 268 children, including John F Kennedy (one of the presidents of the United States of America), and tracked the children for 70 years, it was found that the secret of success in life was with children who lived a life in which they felt accepted and cared for.

You have to master emotional regulation and teach it to the child:

D. Emotions sometimes spoil some of the child's characteristics. Emotion is necessary with firmness and reason prevailing. Teaching the child to involve his emotions in his mental work in moderation.

Nurturing the motives of success in the child:

As studies have shown that no person can succeed if he is enthusiastic about what he is doing, internal motivation is considered one of the most important factors in achieving goals, by giving him independence with monitoring, motivating him with challenge and achievement, and making him feel respect and interest when he succeeds in his tasks, or in achieving his goals. .

Maintain discipline with some firmness:

Caring and affection does not mean being permissive. Find your own ways to maintain discipline. Set your own rules that help a child know their limits. Kind and firm parenting has been shown to be linked to a child's future success.

Listen to the science and avoid tales of patriarchy inherited:

Because children are very different, and each child has a special way of dealing, search in science for the appropriate method for your child, his personality, and his tendencies.