Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Causes of bronchiolitis in children and how to do physical therapy

What is bronchiolitis in children?

Bronchitis in children is bacterial sepsis due to a germ that affects different age groups, but in children it can cause inflammation of the bronchi

the reasons:

Children who go to kindergartens and incubators can contract this disease as a result of touching many things that the germ can attach to, causing the infection to be transmitted to the rest of the children or to the child’s siblings.

The role of physical therapy:

  • Medicines should be avoided at first, and parents should be taught how to clean the nose to avoid germs reaching the bronchi
  • A mask must be worn when a family member is infected
  • Avoid kissing children, especially from September until late February
  • Physiotherapy can be done after the request of the pediatrician.

A child with bronchiolitis coughs frequently. But he is unable to excrete sputum. In the beginning, it is relied on to try to make the secretions easy to get out and be in liquid form.

Then the specialist in physiotherapy intervenes and through therapeutic techniques by hand tries to raise secretions (phlegm) from the last area of the lungs to reach the pharynx and then be excreted. It is a somewhat difficult process for the child, but it remains a natural way better than medicines.

Through the secretions produced by the child, the degree of infection can be identified (the color of sputum is white, yellow, or green), and the appropriate medication can be prescribed in this case.

The most important techniques that are adopted in physiotherapy to treat bronchiolitis in children:

One hand is placed on the abdomen and the other hand on the chest level and massages the area to withdraw secretions from the back of the lungs to deliver them to the pharynx. Then the child was placed on one side while trying to remove the secretions by using physiol and cleaning the nose.

The method of cleaning the nose can be adopted daily by the parents or with the help of a physiotherapist, even without a disease. It is considered one of the daily hygiene rules that can protect the child from reaching the stage of infection by removing the germ from the beginning.

These techniques depend on any age for the child when he has infections at the level of the bronchi.

Classes should not exceed an average of 5 classes per week, and after an average of 2 or 3 classes, the child will be able to sleep, eat and breathe in a good way.