Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Growing pains in children: causes and treatment

What are the pains of growth?

Growing pains are not a disease, but they affect the child, especially between the ages of 3 and 8 years. And it can continue until the age of 12 years. And this pain appears in both sexes. Most studies did not know the real reasons for it, but it is related to growth due to the growth of the bones of the child during this period and some of the development of some hormones in the body.

Also, the body deserves many vitamins for growth, such as vitamin D, and its deficiency may cause these pains.


These pains are confusing to the parents, although the child spends his day normally, but they afflict him at night and may return daily or after a period of time. And infect the child without effort (at the end of the day and night) and not in the morning.

These pains appear in particular:

At the level of the legs (on one or both legs)
  • Below the knee.
  • At the level of the thighs.
  • Less in the hands.
  • No sign of damage (redness or swelling).
  • When these pains do not leave any traces, one should not be afraid, but if they are strong as the child stops eating with a high body temperature, a doctor should be visited because it can hide the condition.

Tips for parents:

  • The child must be reassured and pressure reduced.
  • Giving him paracetamol medicines (and in most cases the case does not require taking medicines except once only).
  • Joint pain may hide some diseases, so you should check the place well if it is strong and left traces.
  • Do not stop exercising.
  • You must eat a balanced diet (proteins).
  • Taking vitamin D injections in the winter because children are not exposed to sunlight during this period.