Thursday, April 20, 2023

How do I change my baby's diaper?

Changing the baby's diaper:

Changing the diaper is one of the most famous duties of a mother until her child reaches an age where he can relieve himself! Of course, they are not exciting moments of pleasure and joy in and of themselves, but the moral value of the mother's nobility and her concern without any hesitation for the cleanliness of her little one counts! They are also moments that weave threads of love, acceptance, endurance, and lack of privacy between a mother and her child, as she is the closest person to him.

What prevents you from spending this time and not using it to communicate with your little prince?

As a matter of being careful and taking care of your child's hygiene, it is better to prepare everything necessary to change him, to avoid having to leave the house and buy what you lack from the changing kit at the last moment. Know that changing your baby goes along with a personal hygiene bath. Bath gloves, soap, moisturizing cream, eosin in case of redness, pantyhose and the necessary diapers designed with precision to give your baby the best change and the best possible protection.

Try to create an atmosphere for your child to enjoy and have total confidence in you by chanting and humming, and open the diaper stickers, hold his legs with one hand and lift them a little, then remove the front side to keep it and fold it on the back side, after that, put your child's buttocks on the folded diaper and proceed Personal hygiene process.

Using bath mitts and warm, soapy water, wash his buttocks, intimate areas, focusing on the folds. For more details, read our article on an intimate care bath for your baby.

After you have finished bathing your child, allow his body to air dry for a bit. Diaper pads can cause cuts when they come into contact with wet skin. Get rid of the dirty nappy and put on a clean nappy for your child, fold it in the front and fix the adhesives in the sides! Thus, you have successfully changed the diaper of your little one!

Dress your child in his clothes, and if the temperature allows, keep him without clothes, so that he can enjoy a little freedom and flexibility.