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How to deal with a nervous child according to age.. 1 year old. 2 years old. 4 years old

Dealing with a nervous child at the age of one year:

We cannot say that the child is nervous at the age of one year, but he does not know how to express his discomfort or pain yet, so he resorts to screaming and irritability to convey this and to draw your attention.

A child in his first year communicates through his whole body, for example, instead of turning his gaze towards an object, he turns completely to see it, and that is why you are surprised that he sometimes throws himself crying or screaming on the ground because you took something from him. This is his way of expressing his feelings of anger!

You can use touch or distraction to deal with your child's nervousness at this age while keeping you calm.

Dealing with a nervous child at the age of two:

Children in their second year continue to express their feelings of rejection by shouting, kicking and resisting more, because they have not yet learned how to communicate their feelings and what they want in a correct manner through verbal expression. The following tips may be useful in confronting the nervousness of your two-year-old and calming him down:

Do not restrain your child:

Children love to walk, jump and move, so forcing them to adhere to sitting for long periods may make them angry, for example when going shopping or hiking, the child should not be put in his stroller all the time, but there must be a period for the child to play and jump, or even when traveling by car for long distances. Baby is restrained in a car seat so you can have a short break to unpack and play while you travel.

Deal with your child's anger calmly.

For example, the child may cry while you are walking around the supermarket because he wants to play now and immediately. You can then sit at the level of your child's standing and address him with short, reassuring words: "Do you want to play? Well now Mama will take the things and we will go back to play at home."

  Let your child enjoy a warm bath:

Soap bubbles with a group of games are enough to distract your child from what was making him angry.
In the event that you have tried many methods with the previous methods without obtaining a result, you can refer to specialists to ensure that there is no behavioral problem in the child.

Dealing with a nervous child at the age of 4 years:

You can follow one of the methods that help to relax at this age, such as this method that depends on the child's imagination:
During your child's tantrum, you can ask him to smell the food he likes, like pizza. Let him take a deep breath as if he smells his favorite food.

Then ask him to exhale through his mouth as if he is cooling a piece of this food, and repeat this several times, over and over again. Your child will learn to relax and deal more calmly in situations that upset him.