Saturday, April 1, 2023

How to deal with a stubborn child in adolescence.. Learn about the details of your teenage son's life. Don't stress about every topic. Encourage good behaviour

Dealing with a stubborn child in adolescence:

Here are some effective and practical suggestions that can help you learn how to deal with a stubborn teen:

Your teenage son is an individual, not just a teenager:

Let your teen see that you respect their personality and know that there is no one way to handle situations.

Learn about the details of your teenage son's life:

Try to understand the more important aspects of your teen's life such as what embarrasses them, what they do when they are sad, their fears, who they turn to to share their fears, etc.

Don't stress about every topic:

Make sure you don't show displeasure with anything and everything your teen does. Choose your topics as necessary and important. For example, do not warn your teenage son about choosing clothes. Instead, convince him of your point of view.

Look at things from his point of view:

To understand why your teen is acting stubborn, you first need to understand what he's thinking

Encouraging good behavior:

Always appreciate the good side of your son and focus on every achievement he achieved that made you feel proud. Also share your feelings with family and friends and make sure your son knows how happy you are to be proud of him.