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Kidney disease in children, the most important symptoms.. congenital anomalies Pelvic swelling and blockages in the tract

Kidney disease in children:

Pre-existing kidney disease. The kidneys are formed with the fetus and start working from the age of one and a half or two months for the fetus. The kidneys form the primary urine and produce water in which the child remains throughout the pregnancy until birth.

And through the diagnosis of echo and (echomorphologique) that the mother performs, some problems in the kidneys can be discerned, and the specialist doctor may be present at birth due to the existence of these problems.

The most important diseases that a child can suffer from:

Genetic diseases, including (congenital malformations and problems in the size of the kidneys, a decrease in the number of kidneys, the size of the urinary tract, bulges at the pelvic level and blockages in the tract).
In some cases, the fetus can die, while in other cases the pregnancy continues. And at birth, the necessary measures are taken.

Cases in which the pregnancy does not continue:

  • Small kidney size.
  • The absence of a kidney.

Diseases that can appear after childbirth:

Some kidney diseases appear in children when diagnosing a lack of vision, heart or hearing deficiency, and also when infection with urinary tract infections, urine reflux disease appears and can be treated when aware of it.

  • Kidney stones can be present in children, and signs of infection include high body temperature and crying. This is due to genetic reasons.

  • Swelling at the eye level as a result of albumin in the urine (albumina) and affects growth and causes weight gain due to this disease and not for natural reasons.

  • Bacterial loss of balance in the intestine due to infections and the use of antibiotics.

There is a connection between the digestive system and the urinary system, so you should be careful and avoid taking antibiotics without consulting a doctor to avoid albuminuria due to immune convulsions.
The kidney grows and doubles in size from birth at a rate of approximately 3 times, and this organ and the various organs must be taken care of to avoid diseases.