Sunday, April 30, 2023

Most frequent problems in the breastfeeding period.. cracks in the nipple, breast engorgement and mastitis

Most frequent problems in the breastfeeding period:

The main mammary alterations are cracks in the nipple, breast engorgement and mastitis.
The incidence of these pathologies can vary between 34% and 96% and up to a third of mothers who experience this type of complication stop breastfeeding.

- Pain when the baby sucks:

it shouldn't hurt, if it hurts it's because the baby didn't grasp the nipple well or it doesn't have a good position.

In most cases there is a transitory pain that we can say is physiological when starting a dose during the first days.

Cracks in the nipple:

The main cause of cracks in the nipples during the first days of breastfeeding is due to the bad position of the baby on the breast, by hurting the nipple with its gums or with the tongue by compressing it against the hard palate., for which the incorrect position of the mother and the baby must be corrected.

Mastitis/ Breast Congestion:

It is characterized by inflammation and enlargement of both breasts, it can appear during the course of lactation, other symptoms can also be observed such as heat, pain and hardening of the breasts, it can be accompanied by infection or not, in case If you have an infection, you should go to the doctor immediately so that mastitis can be treated.

Causes of mastitis / breast Congestion:

In most cases, mastitis is caused by a poor position of the infant at the breast, which injures the nipple and prevents adequate emptying of the breast, which causes intraductal stasis, engorgement and inflammation and predisposes to infection.

Mastitis treatment consists of: frequent emptying of the breast, rest, plenty of fluids, analgesics or NSAIDs and antibiotics for 10-14 days.